Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Pink Tower/Brown Stair Extensions, Part 2

Of all the things I've posted about on this blog, nothing has sparked more interest than the free pink tower/brown stair extensions we set up and photographed in January 2009.

Looking back at the post, I was reminded how beautiful the Montessori materials are -- they are sublime in their beauty, simplicity, and sheer genius. We were inspired to make a new set of designs from scratch, and the girls welcomed the challenge (there are a few pics of the girls working on them here), even designing one of their own.

Below you will find photos of a new set of extensions for you to use in your Montessori classroom (and the names we gave them).  Like the Montessori materials themselves, the pictures call to our kids and compel them to build, build, build! We hope you enjoy them!

(Please feel free to repost, share, etc.; if you do, please include a reference to the blog and/or link back.  Thanks! :)






Double-S Snake with Tail:

Back-to-Back Skyscraper (our 7-y.o.'s creation):

Symmetry Facade:



Aztec Antenna:

[You can see the entire Picasa album here, and you can see the album with the first set of extensions here.]


Marcia said...

these are just lovely! I so enjoy when my kids get creative with these two things! I can't wait to show my kids. Thanks for posting.

Leptir (Nataša) said...

Thanks for sharing :)

Many Kinds of Families said...

First of all, welcome back to the blog world! It is always good to take time, but as I have you on my Yahoo main page I often though of you this past year and hoped you would come back! I love your first set of extensions. In fact they are the most well used when I bring out Sensorial extension work mid-year. I am so excited that you have a round two and can't wait to incorporate them into the classroom. Keep up the awesome posts!!

Renée said...

Marcia, Natasa, and Amy: Thanks for your comments, and we're glad you like them!

We really love it when our girls sneak into the Montessori room and start building--they always come up with something fun and/or crazy. :)

Swan Mai said...

These are awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Lisa Nolan said...

Great extensions using the PT and BS! I was holding off on buying them for my son who had Down syndrome (due to our tight budget and his age and dev. delays) but you inspired me to purchase them asap!