Sunday, January 15, 2012

Montessori Renaissance

We recently have experienced a Montessori Renaissance in our home, in part as a result of resurrecting this blog. It's been so refreshing for the older girls, because Montessori is a welcome change of pace from the rigors of, "Now it's time to do math, pages 89 - 101 and the corresponding exercises." (I kid. But truly, Singapore Math is INTENSE.)

On Friday, the girls worked for hours. They were busy and happy and productive, and somehow I even managed to clean a little while they worked!

The sensorial materials still have as much appeal for our 5-y.o. today... they did three years ago:

Our 7-y.o. is rediscovering her favorite Montessori materials and -- in a wonderful turn of events for our family -- is thoroughly enjoying presenting materials to our 3-y.o.:

It's like having an extra teacher in the house (and further testimony to the brilliance of the Montessori method)!

I certainly don't plan to abandon the curriculum choices we've made, because I feel confident that our girls are getting a great education; however, I am looking forward to incorporating more Montessori into our weekly schedule, and the girls are too. :)


Amy said...

That is the wonder of Montessori!! I am so glad as a teacher to see the love that children have for Sensorial! There are so many wonderful things you can do at different age groups.

Renée said...


You're so right. Even though we needed to take a break just because of our life's circumstances, it has been so wonderful for the girls and me to get back into the Montessori room -- I am always amazed at how my older girls can discover new things to do with the same "old" materials they've had for four years.