Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Miss D's crew joined us today, 4-week-old baby and all!

Miss D's son and my daughter did the stamp game together...

...and then they did two sides of this six-sided puzzle:

Nicely done!

The kids were very excited to be back together, and it - ummm - showed. To try to rein things in a little bit, I taped a blue line on the floor, and the kids took turns walking the line:

We need to work on other people's personal space a little bit:

(I guess it would help if I put down the camera :)


Hi. I'm, Maddy. And you are? said...

I have been enjoying your blog!! I just wanted to say that we have that same puzzle and it's hard for me! My kids put it together like " sweat". Sheesh!

Gigi said...

I was wondering what are the ages of all of the kids? I would also love to see pictures of your classroom.
Thank you!

Jennie said...


I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog!


Miss D's son is 4 3/4, my oldest daughter is 4 1/2, Miss K's daughter is almost 4, Miss C's oldest son is 3 1/2, Miss D's daughter is 2 3/4, my middle daughter is 2 1/2, Miss C's youngest son is 1 1/2, Miss K's youngest daughter is 13 months, my youngest daughter is 11 months, and Miss D's daughter is 4 weeks - phew!!