Sunday, October 26, 2008

Velveeta as Montessori Lesson

What are the chances that those words have ever been put together in the same phrase before?

Sunday afternoons in the fall mean one thing in our house: football. My father-in-law comes over, and he and my husband cheer on their team. And of course, nothing says "football" like the pasteurized, processed-cheesy goodness of Velveeta.

Slicing bananas is a very familiar Practical Life activity, but I've discovered that Velveeta works beautifully, as well. It can be cut with a butter knife, it gives just the right amount of resistance to make it somewhat of a challenge, and for a 4-year-old, nothing is quite as satisfying as cutting up an entire 2-lb block of Velveeta yourself (that's right - 2 pounds!).

My daughter loves the cutting part in and of itself, but what she really enjoys is helping me make food for her dad and grandpa.

Let me know if you want my Cheesy Sausage Dip recipe - it really is good. :)

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Shannon said...

I would love your boys would LOVE anything involving sausage and velveeta! Thanks for the cheese tip...I will add it to my grocery list. My son is 4 also and definitely needs some more slicing practice.
Thank you so much!