Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Food Pyramid

On Wednesday, Miss K wrapped up Nutrition & Wellness week by focusing on healthy eating habits. She introduced the kids to the Food Pyramid and explained each of the different food groups. She went into a lot of depth here, including how many servings kids should eat from each food group every day. She also explained that within each food group there are healthy foods and unhealthy ones (within the vegetable group, for example, orange- and green-colored vegetables are better choices than yellow or white ones). She set up a healthy/unhealthy sort for the kids (grilled chicken vs. fried chicken) and talked to them about the importance of making good food choices. She put the sort on the shelves for the kids to work with at their own discretion (the tool/toy sort from Fire Safety and Prevention week was really popular).

I didn't get a lot of pictures during Independent Work time, because, for some reason, the kids needed a little more managing than normal. Typically they choose their work and get to it. Today? Not so much.

Miss D's son chose Laura from My Montessori Journey's syllable counting activity, as well as the first five "blue" sounds from Laura's system: d/e/q/x/y. He also reviewed Sound Box 4: h/u/s/c.

My daughter worked with the lacing frame (she now knows how to tie shoes!), as well as an extension I made for the constructive blue triangles. I'll try to upload it once I get all of that figured out.

Miss C's son worked with color box 2, water transfer using a funnel, and the map of the world.

Miss K's daughter chose metal insets, sorting bears, and the map of the United States.

For Arts & Crafts, Miss K gave the kids an assortment of pictures she had clipped from magazines showing foods from the different food groups. The kids got to choose one item from each food group and make a plate:

We closed with the "I" verse and story from My ABC Bible Verses: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," Philippians 4:13.

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Anna said...

That poor work day is a funny phenomenon, isn't it? I guess you know about the false fatigue thing but there is a longer cycle that we observe at school and it seems to be about a 10 day cycle. My collegue says it has been documented somewhere but it peaks at around the 5th day with amazing work being done by all and the dip is around the 10th day. If you have a group of children meeting regularly,as you do, you count only the days they work. Funny thing, that!