Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Pumpkin Parable

On Wednesday Miss K finished her Circle Time lesson on pumpkins by cutting open a pumpkin and letting the kids examine the insides.

As she cut open the pumpkin, she read them this pumpkin parable. She set the seeds aside to be used later during Arts & Crafts, and I popped the pumpkin in the freezer to keep until next week, when Miss K plans to carve it with the kids (keeping my fingers crossed that putting it in the freezer works - anyone have any experience with a frozen pumpkin?).

When we started Independent Work, Miss D's son got right to work on the hundred board, which he hadn't finished the day before. He worked very hard on it and breezed right through it:

Afterward, he was thrilled to check it off of his list from the day before and then make a new list. He chose sandpaper numerals and letters with the sand tray, cutting out shapes, handwriting practice, water transfer with a medicine dropper, and the golden beads and number cards (we acknowledged ahead of time that this was a long list that he would finish next week).

Miss K presented the golden bead material to her daughter and Miss C's son:

Then Miss C's son did the bead stair...

...while Miss K's daughter worked with the constructive blue triangles...

...and Miss D's son practiced his tracing skills:

(This worksheet is a cutting activity I created at this website - what a great site! I also created a bunch of handwriting practice sheets here.)

Miss K played I Spy with Miss C's son...

My daughter chose scissors practice, handwriting practice, and Word Drawers 14, 15, and 16:

For Arts & Crafts, Miss K led the kids in making these cute little pumpkin books...

...which open up to reveal "strings" and seeds (from the pumpkin she cut open during Circle Time):

How cute!

We closed with the "H" verse and story from My ABC Bible Verses: "Honor your father and your mother."

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