Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week 4 Wrap-Up

On Wednesday, Miss C wasn't feeling well, so it was just Miss K, Miss D, and our gangs (get well soon, Miss C!). Miss K continued with her "Understanding the Calendar" theme for the week, and she enlisted the kids to help with an activity they would be doing later in the day: making calendars.

After Circle Time, I presented the Dressing Frames to the kids...and no one was really that interested. We moved on.

On Tuesday, I had shown Miss C's son the extension I made for the bead stair. I was very happy to see Miss K's daughter try it first thing Wednesday morning:

She also did the cutting activity from the day before.

My daughter worked with the movable alphabet, the stereognostic bag, and sandpaper letters...

...while Miss D's son worked with the hundred board again, among other things:

For Arts & Crafts, Miss K led the kids in painting their own calendars. It was a big project, and they got through May - we'll finish up next week.


Teresa said...

Really glad things seem to be going so well for you - I check back daily, even on days when I know you guys aren't in "school"!
Keep up the great work!

Julie said...

I love it when y'all add pictures to the posts! keep up the great work.