Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Re-Thinking Snack-Time

Miss K has an obligation one Tuesday a month, so that left just my gang and Miss C's today. It also meant that I would be the one to lead Circle Time. Yikes.

Miss K left me extremely well prepared, providing me all the words to all the songs, even scripting an entire teaching session on the four seasons for me (thanks!). All things considered (Circle Time is definitely not one of my strengths), it went pretty well.

The kids got into a good work rhythm for about 30 minutes before saying they were hungry. Up to this point, we've stopped everything for snack-time, for several reasons. First, the kids all like to eat together (the little kids too, who aren't in the Montessori room). Second, because we eat together in the kitchen, rather than in the classroom, cleanup is very easy. Third, it just seemed pretty natural and seemed like everyone was ready for a snack at the same time.

I've had some time to think about it, though, and I think starting tomorrow we'll put snack out at a table in the Montessori room and let the kids help themselves to a snack at their own discretion.

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