Thursday, August 28, 2008

How We Will Structure Our Days

Here is a quick overview of how we plan to schedule our days:

9:00 - Hang up coat, take off shoes/put on slippers, Purell/wash hands

9:05 – Circle Time (Parent-led): Say Pledge of Allegiance, sing National Anthem, sing 2-3 educational songs, review day/month/season/calendar, intentional Circle Time activity, pray

9:30 – Independent Work

10:00 - Snack is available

11:00 – Enrichment: On Mondays we will do an Arts & Crafts project; on Tuesdays, we will have a Music activity; on Wednesdays, we will have PE

11:30 – Clean-up and Jobs (feeding fish, sweeping, pushing a carpet sweeper on rug, etc.)

11:45 – Circle Time (Parent-led): Bible story/verse, Bible song

12:00 – School day ends

I'd love to hear any comments you might have!

1 comment:

Mama in Training said...

The only other thing would be outside time but I don't know how practical that is at your house.