Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How Our Preschool Is Going to Work

Here's how we've decided to set things up:

For starters, in addition to the two mothers I initially called, I spoke to one other mom who is a web developer, and she too joined in. With school set to start next Tuesday, Sept. 2, this is what we look like:

One 4-year-old boy [Band teacher's son]
One almost-4-year-old girl [My daughter]
One 3-year-old girl [Kindergarten teacher's daughter]
One just-turned-3-year old boy [Web developer's son]
One 2-year-old girl [Band teacher's daughter]
One almost-2-year-old girl [My daughter]
One 1-year-old boy [Web developer's son]
One 7-month-old girl [Kindergarten teacher's daughter]
One 5-month-old girl [My daughter]
One on the way! [Band teacher's son or daughter, due Feb. 2009]

The students will be split up into two areas: A Montessori area for the three- and four-year-olds, and a play area for the younger kids.

The former-kindergarten-teacher mother will lead Circle Time every day and Arts & Crafts one day a week, the former-band-teacher mother will lead Music one day a week and PE one day a week, I will lead Montessori time, and the web-developer mother will assist on the Montessori side.

I will describe how we plan to structure our days in a future post.

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Gigi said...

This is a wonderful story! Good luck with your first day of school and I'll be back to read all about it!