Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shaving Cream Bath Paints

This is another great idea my husband found on pinterest: colored shaving cream bath paints. I loved this activity because it was fun, cheap, and easy, it used ingredients we had on hand, and it was virtually mess-free -- much thanks to Having Fun at Home for the great idea!

First, the girls sprayed shaving cream into muffin cups (and really, haven't you had fun right there?). Then they dropped in a few dots of food coloring and swirled:

Don't these look delicious? ;)

When they were done, they had a lovely rainbow assortment of bath paints. We happened to have a set of neon food colors in addition to the usual ones--and we experimented by mixing other colors--so we made a variety of shades.

The girls used regular paint brushes and sponge brushes to paint our bathtub walls, etc. They had a blast! And although I don't have any pictures of the paints actually being used (way too many naked tushes :), I think this "after" picture gives a nice feel for how much fun the girls had:


Katey (Having Fun at Home) said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the link back!

Becky said...

did is wash off easily?

Renée said...

Hi Becky,

It washed off our walls easily, but our oldest girl's skin on her belly got a little stained while painting, and that was a little harder to get out. She didn't seem to mind much, though. :)

Patsy said...

Just did it with my 3 year old and she LOVED it!! Washed off the tub easy and she learned the different colors mixtures make ^_^ thx so much for this!

Anonymous said...

Just did this with the kids ( 7 and 5), and it is a hit. I thought it might slide down the walls, but I had them paint on dry shower walls before their bath. Worked grate, washed off easily, and they enjoyed mixing the pretty pastel colors! Great idea!