Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Clearer Picture

With kindergarten looming on the horizon for my oldest daughter, a (somewhat) clearer picture of next year has started to emerge. For various reasons, both Miss D and Miss K (and their respective children, of course) will not be returning next year. That leaves my family and Miss C's. If nothing else changes between now and then, this September we would have two adults and five kids ages 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, or three kids in the Montessori room and two kids in the playroom, which sounds...totally doable.

Without Miss K to lesson plan and run Circle Time, I'm considering purchasing this curriculum. Has anyone out there tried it?


Amber said...

Hi Jennie,

I am looking at this curriculum also!

I've printed out the sample pages & trialed them which has been lots of fun although I have to say that there's more activities in each than we seem to be a be to get through - but that's not a bad thing ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing what other responses you get.

Hope life is good for you. BTW, I finished 'A Montessori Mother' a few weeks back - I really loved it.

Anonymous said...

I am also looking at this curriculum. It seems to me that a person would have to buy many books for the story time etc. unless you hit it lucky at a library. Do you agree?
I would appreciate any addition information you get regarding this curriculum.

Chrsitine R. said...

I have spring and fall that I was able to get from another teacher. It is a great guide to give you a plan to follow as opposed to you having to plan out the year. There are way way more activites than you will be able to incorporate in one year but I think I read somewhere the intention was to have 3 years worth so as not to have to repeat lessons. I still intend on completing the series or at least getting winter and the art suppliment. you do need to hit the library unless you intend on having a large personal library. It just gives you so many ideas to choose from which is why I like it.

Michelle said...

I use this "curriculum" in my class and I absolutely love it. It gives plenty of ideas to last the full three year cycle. Totally worth the money. I love how she incorporates yoga, cooking and art into the series. So many great ideas that I would've never thought of. I moved a few things around, for instance, I belive she recommends North America for December, but I moved it to November to follow along with Native Americans and Thanksgiving. If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to ask...