Monday, November 10, 2008

A Fall Poem

Miss K's Circle Time theme for this week is Fall. She asked the kids to come to class with some leaves, and then they spent a long time looking at their leaves, comparing and contrasting them, counting the number of points on each leaf, etc. Then she taught the kids a little more about Fall and about why leaves change colors and fall off. Finally, she and the kids talked about some of the characteristics of Fall, and they all worked together to write a Fall poem. Miss K hand-wrote the poem on large sheets of paper, and she used the exercise as an opportunity to review the connection between letters and their sounds. It was a really nice activity for the readers and pre-readers alike, because it was a creative writing exercise for the readers as well as a lesson on the connection between letters/words/sentences for the pre-readers. Unfortunately, I didn't hear the final poem, but I'll try to get a copy from Miss K and update the post.

New in the classroom this week? Pin-punching:

Miss K's daughter worked so diligently on this! She also built "towers" with the golden bead material:

I was able to give her a three-part lesson on the beads before she moved on to building more towers:

My daughter did the sandpaper numerals and cornmeal tray...

...and the 3-D Feel & Find puzzle with Miss D's son:

Miss D's son also did bead sequencing and domino math:

Miss C's son did the pink tower/brown stair extension...

...and the sandpaper letters and cornmeal tray:

Miss D led the kids in PE (they stretched and did some warm-up exercises, and then they had some fun with the parachute before kicking soccer balls through cones and into a net), and then we did the "K" verse and story from My ABC Bible Verses: "Keep your tongue from evil," Psalm 34:13.

Tuesday is Veteran's Day, and we don't plan to meet. We'll be back on Wednesday!


Anna said...

If you want some AMAZING pink tower broad stair extensions then check out Montessori Freefall. All I can say is they are truly inspiring!

Xia said...

wow, I love to se all those pictures.

Jennie said...

Thanks Xia!

Anna, I did see those extensions - they're so cool! I love the idea of taking pictures and putting them out on the shelf, and I plan to try it.